Gender equality is not only a matter of social justice, but also a matter of practical business performance

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Security VP shares inspiring insight as WBW guest speaker

Paris, 22 July 2014
Speaking as a special guest at an ICC World Business Women luncheon this month, Matthew Drew, Vice-President of Global Security Operations at Hewlett Packard (HP) International, explained what had drawn him to become an active participant in HP’s own women’s network... Read more

ICC World Business Women celebrates second anniversary

Paris, 7 March 2014
As the world prepared to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, ICC celebrated the second anniversary of World Business Women (WBW), its staff-driven initiative to bring the benefits of gender diversity... Read more

World Business Women Ambassador speaks at lunch session

Paris, 16 December 2013
World Business Women (WBW), an ICC staff-led initiative, welcomed Cynthia Braddon, Vice-President of International Affairs at McGraw Hill Financial and a new Ambassador for the group... Read more

ICC appoints new Digital Economy Vice-Chair

Paris, 1 October 2013
The ICC Commission on the Digital Economy is pleased to announce new Vice-Chair Kaisa Olkkonen, who is also Nokia Corporation’s Vice President of Government Relations, responsible for policy ... Read more

Boosting opportunities for women is good for business

Qatar, 26 April 2013
Access to capital, networking and training are among the challenges blocking women from economic empowerment said business leaders – speaking at the session ‘Women mean business’... Read more

ICC celebrates International Women’s Day

Paris, 8 March 2013
ICC today celebrates the first anniversary of World Business Women (WBW), a staff-driven initiative launched on the occasion of International Women’s day on 8 March 2012. Read more

ICC World Business Women launched by staff on International Women’s Day

Paris, 9 March 2012
ICC celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday with the launch of an enterprising initiative to improve gender balance ... Read more