Gender equality is not only a matter of social justice, but also a matter of practical business performance

WBW goals

WBW’s aims to evolve ICC culture and practice to promote gender diversity and better gender balance within the organization and up to the top levels of governance and its many representative bodies.

To do this WBW is working ‘internally’ within its Secretariat and ‘externally’ with a community of stakeholders.

Internal actions:

  • Assess internal staff policies and make recommendations to the Secretariat management on how to develop and further its culture and practice to support gender equality goals
  • Provide an internal network for staff offering information exchange and capacity building events oriented towards a gender bilingual culture


  • Raise awareness and engage ICC stakeholders on the goals and benefits of greater diversity and balance.
  • Track progress towards gender balance in ICC representative bodies and governance
  • Connect with existing women in business networks to learn from experiences and link suitable experts and leaders with opportunities while exposing a wider community of women business experts to ICC global business activities.