Gender equality is not only a matter of social justice, but also a matter of practical business performance

About us

World Business Women was launched in 2012 by ICC staff members with the ICC Secretary General as its Champion.

The initiative is run by a Steering Committee of women and men from ICC staff. ICC Secretary General John Danilovich is the current Champion.

WBW Steering committee members

Anne Caudrillier, International Court of Arbitration

Dawn Chardonnal, External Communications

Sebastien Dupont, Information Technology

Tracy Faustin, Policy/BASCAP

Catherine Foster, Membership/G20

Sandra Gautier, Human Resources

Tina Launois, Secretary General's Office

Charlotte Strandberg, Training and Conferences

Calliope Sudborough, Internatinal Centre of ADR & Dispute Resolutions

Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud, Policy/BARMA

Daphne Yong díHerve, Policy and IP Management