Gender equality is not only a matter of social justice, but also a matter of practical business performance

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World Business Women (WBW)

Launched in 2012, our initiative aims to ensure that the International Chamber of Commerce's internal policies, leadership and representative bodies of better reflect the gender diversity of the business and professional world today.

WBW is run by a steering committee of ICC staff, both women and men, with ICC Secretary General John Danilovich as the initiative's champion.

We strive to bring greater diversity of experts and leadership at ICC and fuller cultivation of the diversity and value offered by the people who make up the world business organization's staff and extensive global network.


"Empowered and employed women don't just help themselves. Businesses worldwide also stand to benefit by including and engaging women more fully into their respective labour forces. But despite making up over half the population, women's contribution to measured economic activity, growth, and well-being remains far below its potential. ICC is committed to calling attention to this issue and the need for cooperation among governments, business and other stakeholders in addressing the gender gap."

John Danilovich
ICC Secretary General

Events & News

Event: Leadership of Tomorrow and the Role of Gender Communication

Paris, 10/10/2014

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Security VP shares inspiring insight as WBW guest speaker

Paris, 22/07/2014

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ICC World Business Women celebrates second anniversary
Paris, 07/03/2014
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